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Selling a Medical Practice: Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Owners

Once you decide your practice would benefit from a strategic partner, it’s time to initiate the sales process. Learn from industry vets on evaluating buyers and assembling an advisory team to advocate for you in our new white paper.

The guide for achieving optimal outcomes from a physician practice sale, written by healthcare transaction experts.

Maintaining clinician autonomy while partnering with a buyer who can provide economies of scale is an attractive proposition. However, transactions are tricky. While some physicians attempt to handle the sales process alone or with a single attorney, there’s only one chance to get it right.

In our latest white paper, seasoned investment bankers and specialized wealth management experts share insights for practice owners to ensure best financial and non-financial transaction outcomes.

Download our white paper today to learn more about best healthcare transaction approaches for practice owners.

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Merritt Healthcare Advisors (“MHA”) is focused exclusively on representing owners of surgical facilities and healthcare practices that are considering strategic options, whether it is selling an interest in their organization, creating a new partnership or growing through acquisition. 

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Earned is a first-of-its-kind, highly specialized advisory tailor-made for physicians. Diligently researched, they are focused on the unique challenges, desires, and needs of doctors, whatever form that takes. Experts in unique career journeys, they’ve curated a range of services to help build bright financial futures.

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